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We promote use of latest Digital class technology in education. For that matter we have introduced smart classes in our campus with one of the best service providers. Our teachers are precisely trained by the representatives of the company on how to give the best out of those smart classes to the students. The classes are well equipped with all the required equipments and a proper schedule is made to ensure that all students are benefitted by them.


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Euro Kids
Saplings On The Land Of Shelley School
Kids are tender saplings. We must convert them into lively and pleasing children learning and exploring through their latent imagination, creativities and talent which need proper direction and guidance with the day they sprout up. Shelley school being pioneer in such activities has introduced Euro Kids Saplings. The pre School Education has made the learning process a fun form April 2011. Euro kids, India’s largest Pre-school chain with more than 585 preschools spread across 210 towns and cities in India follows a well defined structure that caters to the needs of every child and taps their growth potential. The Curriculum covers a great mix of languages science, math, dramatics computers, clay modeling, painting and structuring blocks to stir the young.