If a student in not joining the school in the ensuing session, notice of withdrawal must be received by the Principal before 10th of March. In the event of the stipulated notice of withdrawal not being received, the parent concerned would be liable to pay full fees for the First term of ensuing session.

A parent may be asked to withdraw his child or children in respect of whom there is debit balance in the account for over a period of two months and dues are not paid within the time allowed.

The Principal may at any time, without assigning any reason require a parent or guardian to withdraw his son or ward form the school, if it is considered in the interest of the school.

A pupil suffering from any disease or infirmity which in the opinion of the Principal will render him/her incapable of participation in the total life of the school will not be eligible for admission, and should the Principle discover such a disease or infirmity to exist subsequent to the admission of a pupil, he will have the right to require the immediate withdrawal of the pupil.

On leaving the school a student will require a Transfer Certificate.

Until all sums due to the school on any account have been paid in full, the issue of Transfer Certificate will be withheld by the Principal. Any student who fails twice in the same class would be required to be withdrawn from the school.